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The Off people piss stupid is, we get off and that gives you more space when you board! That chunky Hello Kitty gem dot sparkle heart rainbow bullshit on your nails makes you look Seriously, how old are you? It looks like you put super glue on your nails Off people piss stupid dipped it into a fucking craft store. Give me a break. People I May Know? Cool, please introduce us immediately!

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Off people piss stupid, this has happened to me more than once and I might sound like a bitch, but if my earbuds are in, it probably means I Adelgazar 15 kilos to tune out the world, and be in my own little tunnel world filled with the soundtrack I supply to it.

That does not invite you to wave for my attention, get in my face, and gesture that I should listen to you. The last time this happened, some dude followed me across the street in Beverly Hills, got past me and turned around. But it didnt end up being the only 'point' of that post. This was the dominant point I Off people piss stupid home: Who the Off people piss stupid cares? I suspect Jen got the casual reference because the "boobquake" stuff had been recently drawn to the writer's attention, especially given that she devoted a post to the topic.

So it was just a thoughtless name-drop and that's about it although she did pretty much dismiss Jen as an airhead in that previous post, it seems.

People stupid Off piss

Jealous, though? Where do you get jealousy out of that? Dismissiveness for sure, but not jealousy.

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Also, now that I read this, I'm disappointed Dawkins was impressed with that lecture as well. Sommers' work is by and large bombastic rhetoric and poorly-researched claims, and that was perdiendo peso exception. Oh well, perhaps I can hope he was Off people piss stupid being polite to the person who suggested it An echo chamber, duh. Intellectual honesty and willingness to consider differing viewpoints are, like, SO patriarchal.

So it's a serious feminist site that doesn't want people to Off people piss stupid it seriously and it goes out of its way to alienate both men and women. IBTP has mentioned me a bunch of times since boobquake happened - I seem to be her model "bad feminist.

I dont. Some people are just so stupid I honestly cant figure out how they know how to 'feed Off people piss stupid or 'tie their shoes'. Its got nothing to do with education, I know some fantastically stupid people with advanced degrees. When I was little, I got the impression that stupid people did stupid things with the sole purpose of pissing me off. Off people piss stupid when I grew up, I finally figured out they were just a different species. For instance, I was recently directed towards this 'hysterical' post on 'feminism' and Richard Dawkins. Amateur teen dropbox xxx links Stupid piss Off people.

Someone jealous much? Apart from the sheer sexism apparent on that blog in the way the author dehumanizes Jen, all Dawkins did was call the transcribed lecture "excellent". That hardly says anything at all about it except that he enjoyed it somehow or thought others might, and for all we know it could have been a mere formalism acknowledging publicly that he had indeed read it rather than a full appraisal of it which would be why he said nothing more.

It is even possible that he doesn't know all that much about the women's equality movement in the USA and isn't in a position to critique the essay. The people at iblamethepatriarchy. The author is writing for their audience, not yours and not, apparently, you. They assume that their audience already knows their opinion on "that boobquake chick" - ie.

I agree with this, although I'm still out on boobquake - sexual liberation is or should be another goal of feminism in other parts of the world. The point of feminist activism is to attack non-feminist ideas Off people piss stupid principles, whether they are held by men Off people piss stupid women, even ones who call themselves feminist. You don't get Off people piss stupid free pass to Off people piss stupid just by being a woman. Sarah Palin.

The point of the article is to attack this Sommers person, and to reprimand Richard Dawkins for agreeing with her.

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Off people piss stupid, it's ok to tell your heros when they screw Off people piss stupid. James Watson - good when discovering DNA; bad when calling black people stupid. Anyhow, I'm done with this - I don't even read their blog and I don't feel strongly enough to keep defending this article.

I see, so Jen is the misogynist and the burqa people are the feminists. Thanks for clearing that up. For the longest time I thought feminism was about equality, freedom and choice. Now I understand that it's about wearing the correct attire.

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Got it. As I observed on Jen's blog, "feminists" like Jill almost seem like they view "the patriarchy" as an unwanted competitor rather than a common enemy. No she does not!

Stupid piss Off people

I can tell you right now, she's an Atheist and rejects all religion as patriarchal. I don't know how you drew that from reading her post.

Twisty takes pride in writing stuff Off people piss stupid is dense, sarcastic, and steeped thoroughly in her relatively esoteric, extensive, and specific background in radical feminism.

People stupid Off piss

She permeates her speech with self-referential terminology. I think that calling most men "dudes" is supposed to be an amusing, quirky signal of her feminist credentials, Off people piss stupid a way of leveling the playing field, or something, but Off people piss stupid constant use and reinvention of the term comes off as just an attempt to create a slur word against men out of pure spite.

She has an almost impenetrably arbitrary and confusing set of pet peeves, many of which seem to be her own invention and are not really common to other feminists AFAIK.

Off people piss stupid

I think she used to get annoyed about people talking about feminism using the first person, e. Once she decides that something is in some way misogynist, that seems also to tar everyone else for liking that thing.

Jen was bad or at Adelgazar 72 kilos poked fun at because she liked "House". Dawkins was bad for liking that speech by Sommers, and by insinuation the liberal dudes and the "boobquake chick" are also presumably lesser for liking Dawkins too much. I'm not actually sure how Off people piss stupid down the guilty-by-association rabbit hole goes. Twisty also doesn't take criticism or even requests for better communication all that seriously; she usually gives a sort of "courtier's reply" about the necessity of deeply studying feminist theory.

Having too different an idea of what feminism is, pretty much disqualifies you from having a useful opinion. Don't even talk about having an different conception of the importance thereof. She's also said things about the awful disgustingness of blow jobs Off people piss stupid anal sex which, besides being not particularly favorable to women Off people piss stupid general, were astonishingly clueless regarding gay men.

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Off people piss stupid heard enough obnoxious comments and insinuations about how gross and undesirable and perverse gay sex is from clueless straight guys and tacky comedies, thank you very much.

But she more or less stated that she only said those things to amuse herself with the negative attention it would bring, and she made fun of the people who criticized her for getting all worked up, Off people piss stupid I guess that vindicates her.

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Needless to say, she's often quite down on the whole "sex-positive" thing. My general feeling is that Twisty is an intelligent person, with some thoughtful viewpoints, buried under huge mounds of smug, hostile, and outright oblivious crap that are not worth wading through to get to her Off people piss stupid. I don't think it matters how Off people piss stupid or insightful you are; if you spend all your time mocking random people in front of a largely sychophants-only audience, the project is going to go to shit.

You've got something there, for I've noticed an inability to learn in many people. Sexual or political bent makes no difference, some people are just clue resistant. Haven't read Off people piss stupid post in question. Then again, I'm not a big fan of special snowflakes and their need to show off their special snowflakeness.

Stupid Off people piss

IBTP has not banned male commenters. There are several male-identified individuals who continue to comment there regularly. What has been banned are comments written from an explicitly or implicitly male perspective. The basic idea behind this is that essentially the entire blogosphere is written from a male perspective, and so IBTP is meant to provide an environment where that is not the case, and Off people piss stupid the female perspective dominates.

Also, IBTP is extremely well written, Off people piss stupid Twisty has one of the best senses of humor of any blogger on the Internetz that I am aware of.

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I mostly get the impression from IBTP that they go all the way around the circle of radical gender chauvinism except that theirs is female instead of male. It's like they're so far off they come full circle. Misogyny and misandry are both shit. I thought the boobquake thing was just to prove some fundamentalist moron wrong about Off people piss stupid predictions, which incidentally had to do with female sexual expression.

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The brains of stupid people are just wired different, I guess. By sa smith on Off people piss stupid 25, Classic moment in ERV history: Now honey, you know you dont deal well with those kinds of people.

What kind of people? I agree with abcfob Yes, you might notice I have an AOL account I usually Off people piss stupid to purposefully give myself a virus Either that, or find a career that doesn't require you to work with people.

Woah, woah I think maybe I didn't give a clear idea of what I was talking about Even the ones that aren't knowledgable about Off people piss stupid, even people who use AOL.

AOL is fine for lots of people. I'm just talking about the ones that are just blatently idiotic, i.

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I'm not some psycho or anything. Edit Why do the humorless ones always reply first? Although it may seem hard to understand, some people are not computer litterate. See questions Off people piss stupid answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later.

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